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» Choose Wisely The Right B- School
A very crucial juncture in a student’s life comes when he/she has to decide on which B-school to choose. The decision is never an easy one, which it may seem, and it gets even more difficult with each institute luring the candidates by boosting up its rank in some unknown and never heard of rankings. The fact that the B-school brand plays a crucial role in the one’s life even years after graduating compels him/her to invest substantial effort in choosing the right institute. The advice for anyone facing this dilemma will be to just do some basic research yourself about the b-schools that are on your hot list and trust your own judgment rather than following the rat race of getting into the Rank 1 institute of some random list.

The first thing that one will think of is definitely money. It is prudent to expect good returns from the huge investment that you will be making in next few years on your education. And this, therefore, becomes one of the most crucial criteria to judge how good a business school is. However, you will notice that the graphs of ‘expected salary after graduating’ from a different b-schools converges as you increase the timeline i.e. there might be a considerable difference in what you are earning and what your friend might be earning after 1 year of graduating from different B-schools but that difference will gradually become very small as you see yourselves 5 years or 10 years after graduation.

According to a Chinese proverb, “A single conversation with a wise man is better than ten years of study”. This is what a B-school does to you. It gives you a platform to come together and work with each other and in the process transform yourselves into tomorrow’s business leaders and corporate honchos. And this transformation process generally happens outside the classrooms. Intention is not to undermine the role of professors but to bring forth a fact which many people fail to recognize and keep themselves buried in the course books. B-school is lot more than just academia. It is a place where you explore yourselves in all possible ways you can imagine. So for all b-school aspirants my next piece of advice will be to look at the previous year batch profiles, talk to the alumni to understand what is the culture like and what sort of recreational and fun activities are there. Also, it is imperative for an institute to have and retain top-class faculty which are familiar with the recent industry happenings. This can be seen by the amount of research done by them in the near past.

Another thing which will strike you as soon as you step into a management school is the sheer number of invitations for business plan competitions, case study competition, quizzes or other management games coming your way. They give you a chance to test your learning, hone your skills and in the process you add another line in your CV. Apart from that, there will be numerous clubs and societies which you can be a part of. People say they are a great way for you to do “networking” but I again see it as an opportunity for you to learn something more or a source of recreation which you will badly need given the hectic academic schedule of a B-school. In such clubs, you get to interact with other students, make friends while pursuing common interests. Therefore, the more such activities are there in a b-school the better it will be for you.

An institute must also have a strong alumni base. Some schools boost of a strong active alumni network which is certainly an asset not just for it but also for the perspective students. Events like chapter meets, batch reunions are all done to ensure an active alumni network which can be very helpful not just in activities like placements but in other aspects too. A B-School aspirant needs to have enough reasoning and aptitude to decide in important matters. Selection of the right B-School is also one such decision that should be dependent on not mere rankings but your correct reasoning.

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